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October 26, 2015   

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Welcome To The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying Website

-      Vision: To make Doña Ana County the safest and most caring community in the world.

-      Mission: The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying unites communities to motivate adults and youth to openly and courageously value and respect all individuals in our communities.

·      First Objective: To prevent bullying in Doña Ana County.

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Defining Bullying

The word “bullying” is frequently used today as a result of more attention to the problem and perhaps is overused.  Not all conflict between people is bullying.  

The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying defines “bullying” as verbal or physical aggression or abuse that gets repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power, including school, workplace, and cyberbullying settings.

Cyberbullying takes the cruelty to the Internet.  It is cruel and harmful messages, images, and videos about someone that are sent through email, instant messaging, cell phone texting, and other social media.


What do you do if you feel bullied?