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Welcome To The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying Website

-      Vision: To make Doña Ana County the safest and most caring community in the world.

-      Mission: The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying unites communities to motivate adults and youth to openly and courageously value and respect all individuals in our communities.


·      First Objective: To prevent bullying in Doña Ana County.


Website Resources

The Website resources are useful for learning ways to prevent bullying and to intervene when necessary.  They may also help to find meaningful ways to promote healthier and safer communities in general.  Let’s make Doña Ana County the safest and most caring community in the world.


Crisis Lines

   If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911.


     New Mexico Crisis and Access Line -  Support for Any Behavioral Health Crisis (24-hours, 7 days)



     La Piñon Crisis Hotline -   Sexual Assault Recovery Services of Southern New Mexico (24-hours)

                                               1-888-595-7273 (Toll Free)

                                               1-575-526-3437 (Las Cruces)


      KidTalk Warm Line -     1-575-636-3636


                                                Monday - Thursday: 3 pm-10 pm

                                                Friday: 3 pm - Midnight

                                                Saturday: 10 am - Midnight

                                                Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm



What can you do if you feel like you’re being bullied?


1.     If you are a student at a public school or public college, it is likely that there is a bullying policy in place.   Call the administration office to find the policy and report the issue in accordance with the policy.  


2.     If you are in a workplace or military setting, ask your Human Resources Office or Commanding Officer if there is a bullying or harassment policy.  If so, report the bullying or harassment episode according to the policy. 


3.     If your workplace does not have a policy, report it to your supervisor or Human Resources Director.


4.     If you feel you are a victim of a crime, call 911.


5.     If you feel you have been discriminated against, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.                                (1-800-669-4000, El Paso, TX)


6.     Steps you should take, when you feel you have been bullied are:


a.     Write down what happened.  (What, where, when, who, and if there were witnesses)


b.     Compare the episode to your organization’s definition of bullying.  Ask yourself, “Do my experiences meet that definition?”  If so, follow steps 1 through 4 above. 


c.     If it does not meet the organization’s definition of bullying, if you are employee seek assistance through your supervisor or HR Director.  If you are a student, seek assistance from a trusted school principal, school/university counselor or other trusted adult. 


d.     How do you protect yourself if you feel at risk for being bullied further?

   i.     If you are a student or employee, try to avoid places where you have been bullied.

  ii.     If you must go to the places where you have been bullied, try to get a trusted person to go with you.

 iii.     Ask a trusted adult to observe that place when you are there to protect you from being bullied.

 iv.     Ask a trusted person to video-record such events.


e.     How do you protect yourself if you have been a target of cyberbullying?

   i.     Keep copies of messages received or posted.  Report these to a trusted, appropriate authority.

  ii.     Keep your passwords private.

 iii.     Refrain from responding to mean statements made about you by others via text, social media, email, etc. Reach Out is a non-profit organization intended to help youth strengthen mental wellness through technology-driven resources and peer support. 


Strategies and actions are taught in our County Schools.  One way to stand up to behavior that makes you feel offended or not wanted is to respond calmly and confidently. 


Strategy examples:



Assert yourself

Cruise away

Tell a trusted adult, if it’s not resolved


       Stop. Walk. Talk

Hold your hand in a “stop” position and firmly say, “Stop!”

Walk away and find other things to do in a safer place.

Talk to a trusted adult if the problem isn’t resolved.


The DAC Coalition Against Bullying is an educational organization and does not provide counseling.  However, there is information on the Website that provides resources for how to find someone to help and that can help individuals decide if they would benefit from counseling.  


Defining Bullying


            Doña Ana County Coalition Against Bullying Defines Bullying.


The word “bullying” is frequently used today as a result of more attention to the problem and perhaps is overused.  Not all conflict between people is bullying. 

The Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying defines “bullying” as verbal or physical aggression or abuse that gets repeated over time and involves an imbalance of power, including school, workplace, and cyberbullying settings.

Cyberbullying takes the cruelty to the Internet.  It is cruel and harmful messages, images, and videos about someone that are sent through email, instant messaging, cell phone texting, and other social media.

See the following Websites for other definitions of bullying:


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